Interconnected Priorities

From 2013-2014, Watertown had the fastest-growing population in Massachusetts and we’re still growing.  This means more residents to service and more demands on our infrastructure.  BUT, the increased revenue from development also brings opportunities for new or restored programming in our town.  In these times Watertown needs careful planning and a clear vision for what we will become.

We need fresh ideas.  We need creativity.

We need to find ways to make our money work for everyone and we all need to work together to address the problems of today.

Schools, Public Works, Police, Fire, Planning, Recreation, etc.

BUT, as the saying goes, “If we do things the way we’ve always done them, we’re going to get the same thing we always got.”


Vibrant Watertown

Embrace the uniqueness of us and cultivate community. 

Support iconic businesses that are not just located in, but are rooted in Watertown. 

Grow, but grow with a vision.


Smart Watertown

Our schools should strive for nothing less than academic excellence.  Every one of us has a role to play in setting and meeting this expectation.

Collaborate across our governing bodies and private sector towards this end.


Sustainable Watertown

We can make small sacrifices now that will have large impacts on our environment later on –and they’ll save us money.

Alleviate congestion and contamination by building a transportation infrastructure that is truly multi-modal.